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Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems are perfect for a variety of heating, cooling and ventilation needs. They are the perfect solution for warehouse HVAC and industrial heating and cooling systems.

Distribution Centers, Retail Wholesale Clubs and Warehouses

Open dock doors and heavy traffic are just a few of the concerns distribution centers and warehouses have in trying to heat and cool their space. Johnson Air Rotation® HVAC Systems are perfect solution for warehouse HVAC, distribution center HVAC and retail wholesale club HVAC. Worried about taking up floor space? Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems can be outdoor mounted to conserve valuable floor space and the Air-Rotation concept works the exact same! Johnson really is the best solution for heating and cooling warehouse facilities.

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Product Sensitive Storage, Pharmaceutical Storage, & Grow Facilities With Concentrated Heat Loads

Consistency and product integrity are key for any company storing perishable goods or pharmaceuticals prior to distribution. Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems maintain temperature storage for products ranging from beverage distribution facilities to chocolate manufacturing companies. While some HVAC units may keep product closest to the floor or near the ceiling at optimal temperature, often product stored in other locations will be under extremely different temperature conditions and result in inconsistency of the overall product. Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems guarantee uniform heating and cooling results in temperature deviation from floor to ceiling that vary less than 1-2 degrees for every 10 feet of building height. Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems eliminates the stratification of the air.

Gymnasiums, Sports Complexes, Athletic Facilities, Convention Centers and Exhibition Centers

Trying to heat and/or cool a large open space with lots of people is often a recipe for disaster. Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems are currently heating and cooling hundreds of gyms, sports complexes and exhibition centers across the country efficiently and cost effectively! Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems are the most cost effective HVAC solution for gymnasiums and convention centers because they eliminate the need for rooftop HVAC units that require significant and costly installation and service – and expensive monthly fuel costs. In addition, Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems won’t ruin expensive gym flooring with condensation leakage or take up valuable floor space as they can be outdoor mounted.

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Production Facilities and Plastic Injection Molding Facilities With Concentrated Heat Loads

Production facilities, especially plastic injection molding facilities generate a lot of heat and humidity—making it difficult for a standard HVAC system to rise to the occasion. Over time that extreme heat can damage equipment and cost a considerable amount for repair or replacement. A Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System will protect your investment as well as cool the employees working in the space. Companies that keep their employees happy by conditioning the work space report lower turnover and loss time from injuries. Lower turnover and loss of hours and re-training results in a tremendous amount of money saved, so keep your employees comfortable and on the job!

A Few Benefits of Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems:

Eliminate the need for multiple rooftop units, the structural steel required to support them and duct work. The elimination of duct work also eliminates the need for required duct cleanings, especially important for food manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications.
Reduce installation costs by reducing multiple electrical, natural gas and piping connections while eliminating the need for roof penetrations
Minimize the need and cost for service time by reducing the number of components, overall units needed and the ability to service at ground level.
Recover and redistribute waste heat produced in the space – saving operational costs.
Custom-built Air-Rotation Systems are designed to condition the height and space you desire.
Reduce annual utility consumption by 30% – 70%.
Condition 150,000 square feet with a single piece of HVAC equipment.
Reduce mechanical failures by tempering the air surrounding high heat generation equipment.

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