Even Consistent Temperatures

In many applications, temperature and humidity design criteria are critical. These facilities might include pharmaceutical storage, food/beverage distribution, precision manufacturing, and many more. Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems can effectively condition these areas to extremely tight thresholds with minimal equipment necessary. Johnson can even guarantee system performance if required.

Vertical Temperature Control

With rooftop units you often have ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ spots in a facility because the air can’t distribute throughout the entire space. This is a major issue for multiple applications, especially product sensitive storage. Because the Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System distributes conditioned air throughout the entire facility it eliminates the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spots. Whereas a large open span facility might typically have significant temperature variance between the top and bottom of the room, Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems cycle air constantly. This Air-Rotation/air turnover controls vertical temperature and humidity throughout the space. Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems control temperature so well, in fact, that in a 30 ft. tall room, the temperature difference between the conditioned air at the ceiling and the conditioned air at floor level is often just a few degrees. In product sensitive storage and distribution applications where inventory quality control is important, Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems will protect inventory against condensation, spoilage, inconsistency, and many of the other issues caused by traditional systems.

With decades of experience and thousands of Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems across the country we can guarantee uniform heating and cooling results in temperature deviation from floor to ceiling that vary less than 1-2 degrees for every 10 feet of building height. Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems eliminate stratification of the air which you often see with other HVAC systems.

The graphic above demonstrates the movement of conditioned air throughout a facility by a Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System. Johnson specializes in warehouse HVAC systems. The constant movement of air ensures de-stratification of the air, thus maintaining consistent temperature throughout the facility.

Return air enters through the lower section of the Johnson Air-Rotation System, after the air is conditioned in the system it is distributed through horizontal and verticals louvers positioned at the top for maximum air travel throughout the facility. This cycle continues to ensure the entire facility maintains the required temperature and is perfect for industrial heating and cooling.