Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC vs. Rooftop Units

Compare Installation & System Savings For Yourself!

  • Faster Installation

    Install in a matter of hours, not days or weeks because of the simple set-up process!

  • No Additional Rooftop Support

    Our systems do not need additional roof support required with conventional rooftop units.

  • Fewer Utility Hook-ups

    Because one Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System replaces multiple rooftop units, less utility hook-ups are needed, thus saving you time and money.

  • Portability

    A significant number of our customers, especially tenants who are leasing a building on a short-term basis, prefer Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems because of their portability. Other types of air conditioning systems are practically impossible to move to another location.

  • Lower Utility Costs

    Johnson Air-Rotation Systems use less utilities than rooftop units.

  • Lower Horsepower

    Johnson Air-Rotation Systems require lower horsepower than conventional rooftop units to heat and/or cool, thus saving you utility costs.

  • Lower Installation Costs

    Save substantially on electrical installation costs that are associated with higher horsepower rooftop units.

  • Ground Level Servicing

    Customers save money on repairs because ground level servicing means no need to climb on the roof and tackle potential weather elements such as snow, wind and rain, thus ensuring proper routine maintenance is followed.

  • No Ductwork

    Johnson Air-Rotation Systems DO NOT require ductwork.

  • Return On Investment

    Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems pay for themselves in a matter of years as a result of the utility savings vs. conventional rooftop units.

  • Longer Product Life

    Higher quality construction and components results in a product lifespan of 30+ years versus 10-15 for rooftop units.

  • No Rooftop Penetrations

    Multiple rooftop penetrations are not required with our systems unlike rooftop units, meaning you don’t have to worry about leaking roofs or potential damage to your products and equipment.