Save Money With Johnson Air-Rotation Systems

  • Utility Savings

    Because it takes only 1 Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System to condition 150,000 square feet, Air-Rotation customers see significant utility cost savings versus traditional HVAC options month after month. This costs savings adds up significantly and can easily save hundreds of thousands of dollars for a larger application year after year. Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems customers see a 30%-70% utility savings versus traditional HVAC options. Johnson customers save money because each Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System is custom designed by our engineering team, we do not sell a one-size fits all model, as a result, each Johnson System is as energy efficient as possible and will heat and/or cool to the exact facility specifications. This is a significant point to not overlook.

  • Installation Cost Savings

    With no need for ductwork, no additional rooftop support, fewer utility hook-ups, no rooftop penetrations and quicker installation, customers save a tremendous amount of money right away by installing a Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System.

  • Lower Horsepower

    Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems require lower fan motor horsepower than conventional rooftop units to heat and/or cool, thus saving you on electrical utility costs. When you start comparing 10, 20, 30 rooftop units to a few Air-Rotation HVAC Systems total fan motor horsepower really adds up!

  • Reduced Maintenance

    Johnson customers save money on repairs because ground level servicing means no need to climb on the roof and tackle potential weather elements such as snow, wind and rain. By making proper routine maintenance easy and at ground level, it helps ensure that it will be completed, thus resulting in a longer product life. Also, because Johnson uses readily available repair parts, there’s no need for timely waiting or expensive component repairs.

  • Longer Product Life

    Higher quality construction and components results in a product lifespan of 30+ years versus 10-15 for rooftop units. Even compared to air turnover competitors the Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System has significant advantages and longevity as a result of greater quality and our custom manufactured process. Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems are still in operation in multiple east coast states from the 1970′s and a few from even the 1960′s.

  • Portability

    Are you renting a facility with plans to move to another location in five years? Afraid to spend the large amount necessary on infrastructure with your plans and location potentially changing? Another major benefit of a Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System is the ease of portability. A significant number of our customers, especially tenants who are leasing a building on a short-term basis, prefer Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems because of their portability. Other types of HVAC systems are practically impossible to move to another location, especially after the large upfront cost of installation.

  • Engineering Support

    With a team of highly trained engineers, Johnson provides all customers with design support and custom engineered and manufactured Air-Rotation HVAC Systems to the exact conditions of a facility and specifications of a customer. This extra step ensures that each Air-Rotation HVAC System operates to the exact specifications required by the customer and provides the most energy efficiency and longevity possible.

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