Where Can You Place Your System?

Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems are versatile when it comes to location. Whether your system needs to be in the middle of your space, against a wall, or outside, our engineering team will work with you to find the best solution for your project.

Within The Space

Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems can be placed within your space to maximize the area the system can throw. Having the system in the space allows for it to discharge and intake air all around the system rather than just the front or sides.

Against The Wall

If customers are wanting a system to be inside but not in the middle of their space, then installing the Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System against the wall is the perfect solution.


Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems can be installed outside for a non-intrusive solution. This allows for the system to not disrupt the customer’s space, while still having easy ground-mounted access outside.

Thousands Of Installs Around the World

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