Arizon Makeup Air Systems:

Arizon offers Direct-Fired and Indirect-Fired Makeup Air units that provide customers a cost effective solution to their heating and cooling issues.


Warehouse & Distribution Centers

Commercial Kitchens

Manufacturing Facilities

Automobile Repair Facilities

Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Paint Booths



Any Corrosive Environment

Facilities With High Process, High Exhaust

100% Direct-Fired Space Heater

Indirect or Direct-Fired Space Heater is a high quality solution for developers and contractors looking for cost effective way to heat a facility. Designed to capture cold air at its source and prevent it from migrating into the building, this unit is primarily installed above dock doors or at the source of building infiltration.

  • High temperature, low volume direct-fired space heater
  • Heating capacities up to 2,800,000 BTU’s
  • Air volume capacities up to 17,000 CFM
direct-fired space heater

makeup air units

100% Direct-Fired Makeup Air Heating System

Arizon’s 100% Outside Air Indirect or Direct-Fired industrial air Makeup units for Heating and Cooling are a perfect solution to negative building pressure problems as well as manufacturing and industrial buildings in need of large amounts of make-up air with high process, high exhaust issues such as paint booths, welding facilities and other corrosive environments.

  • High volume makeup air system
  • Heating capacities up to 18,200,000 BTU’s
  • Air volumes up to 130,000 CFM
  • Cooling capacities up to 450 tons

80/20 Pressurizing/Recirculating Direct-Fired Heating & Cooling System

Arizon’s 80/20 Pressurizing/Re-Circulating Indirect or Direct-Fired Heating and Cooling System provides customers with the benefits of building pressurization control and air re-circulating capabilities all in one unit. Available in a fixed or modulating control operation, Arizon’s system can re-circulate between 0 and 80% of the inside conditioned air in a building while pressure-controlling the space and providing between 20% and 100% fresh, outside air. By combining building pressurization and air re-circulation in one system, we prevent both unconditioned outside air from migrating into the space while continuously re-circulating the inside conditioned air to provide higher efficiency versus competitors 100% make-up air alternatives.

  • High efficiency 80/20 pressurization/re-circulation system
  • Heating capacities up to 16,800,000 BTU’s
  • Air volumes up to 130,000 CFM
  • Cooling capacities up to 450 tons
industrial air makeup air units

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