Top 3 Warehouse Heating Challenges & Johnson Air-Rotation’s Solutions

Here are the top 3 heating problems that often occur in warehouses and how Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems solve them:

1. Heat Rises

Warm air rises and cold air takes its place. Since the majority of warehouses have 20-30 feet high ceilings this makes the warehouse floor very chilly for employees during the winter months.

Johnson Air-Rotation’s Solution: Our Johnson Air-Rotation technology is designed to discharge air high into the space and return it low. The result is temperature deviation from floor to ceiling that varies less than 1-2 degrees for every 10 feet of building height. By circling the air throughout the space, the system brings the warm air down from the ceiling keeping your employees warm without the additional cost of having to crank up the heat to compensate for the rising air.

2. Costly Energy Bills

It’s important to keep your warehouse comfortable for your employees to work and to keep them from catching constant colds. However, this usually results in running your heat continuously all day, which results in high energy bills.

Johnson Air-Rotation’s Solution: Johnson Air-Rotation’s system is designed to keep temperatures pretty even from floor to ceiling, additionally, it takes only 1 Johnson Air-Rotation System to condition 150,000 square feet, Air-Rotation customers see significant utility cost savings versus traditional HVAC options month after month. These systems require lower fan motor horsepower than conventional rooftop units to heat, thus saving you even more on electrical utility costs while keeping the warehouse warm and comfortable.

3. Heating Between Racks

Most warehouses contain racks along the floor. Depending on what they’re storing, shelving and rack units can be large and wide, creating a challenge for heating around them.

Johnson Air-Rotation’s Solution: Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems can be placed within your space on the end of a rack to maximize the area the system can throw. Having the system in the space allows for it to discharge and intake air all around the system rather than just the front or sides, which helps get in between the racks easily. Additionally, these systems can be installed inside against a wall or outside for a non-intrusive solution.

One Final Note

Warehouses are essential parts of most industries and keeping them properly heated isn’t always easy. But Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems can ensure your warehouse functions at its optimal level, while keeping energy costs low and employees comfortable throughout the winter.