Pingry High School Got a New HVAC System… How about you?

Johnson Air-Rotation was chosen to condition Pingry School’s new 20,000 square foot gymnasium and recreation center, known as the Miller A. Bugliari ’52 Athletics Center. The use of the space required the system to be fitted with premium fans, multiple silencers, and enhanced casing so that the system outputs very little sound on site. The fact that the unit is fully enclosed in a separate mechanical room helps to provide additional sound attenuation. Space was limited, and the customer preferred that the system not interfere with the gymnasiums floor area, so Johnson located the system in a nearby mechanical room. Johnson had to design the 31’ tall system around a 16’ mezzanine. The sections were split so that the Air-Rotation system matched the natural floor breaks, resulting in “ground-level” service to all major components (such as supply fans, filters and panels) that would be accessed during routine maintenance. The unit conditions high volumes of fresh air, and includes multiple stages of filtration. For maximum control of temperature and humidity, this unit has an built-in reheat cycle and airflow measuring capabilities to ensure overall building performance and conditions.