The best way to condition air in large, open buildings.


Simple Installation


Save on Utility Costs


Heat and Cool Large Spaces


Less Maintenance than Standard Units

Learn about all of the reasons that Johnson Air-Rotation makes sense.

Johnson Air-Rotation Systems

Founded in 1921, Johnson Air-Rotation Systems set the bar by creating a new technology now known in the industry as Air-Rotation.  Don’t be fooled by imitators referring to air turnover.  Over the decades, Johnson Air-Rotation Systems have continued to innovate and refine the concept to create the most effective method to heat, cool, filter and/or ventilate large, open buildings.  Johnson Air-Rotation Systems have been proudly made in the USA since our beginning and continue to be to this day.  As the ONLY UL® approved Air-Rotation/air-turnover system in the industry, we take pride in our custom manufactured product and you will too.

Johnson Air-Rotation Systems continually are the perfect option for manufacturing and industrial facilities heating and cooling, warehouses, distribution centers and retail wholesale clubs heating and cooling, product sensitive storage heating and cooling and hospital and university equipment rooms heating and cooling.  In addition, Johnson Air-Rotation Systems are great for plastic injection molding facilities heating and cooling, pharmaceutical storage heating and cooling, exhibition centers heating and cooling, aircraft hangars heating and cooling and sports complexes, athletic facilities and gymnasium/gym heating and cooling.  Johnson Air-Rotation Systems are a much better option than rooftop units for heating or cooling a large open building.


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