Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System Technology: Duct Work is Expensive

Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System Technology Series For decades, rooftop units paired with elaborate duct work have been the most common HVAC solution; mostly because facility managers do not know about other ways of effectively heat and/or cool large, open spaces. Rooftop units may appear cheaper on paper, but if you add in the installation costs as well as utility consumption … Read More

Odom facility in Anchorage, Alaska

Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC’s new system  at the Odom facility in Anchorage, Alaska has been up and running for a couple of months and they are extremely pleased with how well the system is maintaining the 213,000 sq. ft. space. During our final inspection, there was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Anchorage. However, our Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System performed extremely well, … Read More

Indoor Agriculture Requires Precise HVAC Systems

Growing anything can be tough especially if you don’t have a green thumb, but for businesses in the agriculture industry the loss of crops due to extreme weather can be costly. According to research about $10 billion worth of crops is lost each year due to worsening conditions. What are businesses that control the world’s food supply to do? Most … Read More

Turn Up the Heat in a Pinch with Johnson Air-Rotation

Many large facilities do not have adequate heating, resulting in hot and cold spots throughout the space.  Not only is this inefficient, it can also cause issues such as wet slab syndrome, inefficient utility consumption and inconsistencies with product-sensitive storage. Johnson Air-Rotation offers heating only systems that can be manufactured, delivered and installed quickly. The cool, fall weather quickly turns … Read More

Top 3 Warehouse Heating Challenges & Johnson Air-Rotation’s Solutions

Here are the top 3 heating problems that often occur in warehouses and how Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems solve them: 1. Heat Rises Warm air rises and cold air takes its place. Since the majority of warehouses have 20-30 feet high ceilings this makes the warehouse floor very chilly for employees during the winter months. Johnson Air-Rotation’s Solution: Our Johnson … Read More

Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems Completes Start up at Garmin Expansion

Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems technicians completed start-up of our systems at the nearly completed Garmin expansion at the Olathe headquarters. The expansion is a $200 million project which includes a 720,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center that will create around 150 new jobs for the area. The installed indoor system consisted of a custom designed Air-Rotation system with four … Read More

Texas Tech University Open new Sports Performance Center

Texas Tech University hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new Sports Performance Center in October of last year. Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems recently completed startup for their Air-Rotation system that conditions the Petersen Family Indoor Football Practice Facility. Read more about the facility at

Throwback – Harvard University

Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems provided Harvard University, located in Cambridge, MA, chilled water cooling to their chiller plant in order to eliminate the large amount of heat produced by the existing equipment. The plant is located 70 feet underground and required 320 tons of cooling to provide a specific constant temperature in the room. Johnson engineered a solution that utilized … Read More

Temple University Builds STAR Complex

Temple University completed their new Student Training and Recreation (STAR) Complex in August. It is a multipurpose building for academics, athletics, and recreation equipped with a 70 yard turf field for practice and intercollegiate athletic events. The turf portion of this building utilizes a Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC System to condition the space, keeping it at even temperatures so athletes have … Read More