Why Choose Johnson Air Rotation?

Heat and Cool or just Ventilate with one system! Up to 450 tons of cooling, 6,250 MBH heating and 170,000 CFM heating per system.

Turning vanes and directional louvers control distribution of conditioned air.

High quality 3-4 mils dry paint coating.

Stainless steel triple slope drain pan prevents stagnant water build-up during cooling season.

Spray foam insulation under drain pan prevents condensation sweating.

Custom construction and quality components = Longer product life (30+ years!).

Ground level controls and filter replacement for easy maintenance.

Optional VFD’s on supply fans increases energy efficiency.

Hinged access doors.

Uniform heating and cooling results in temperature deviation from floor to ceiling that vary less than 1-2 degrees for every 10 feet of building height. Johnson Air-Rotation eliminates stratification of the air.

Optional features include – fresh air induction and economizer cycle for free cooling, humidification, oil mist removal, custom filtration and UV lights.

Indoor/Outdoor mounted systems that customize to your needs. We don’t modify your needs to fit the product.

• The ONLY UL® listed Air-Rotation®/air-turnover system on the market, ASHRAE 90.1 compliant 130 point quality control checklist and testing before shipment ensures you receive the best Johnson Air-Rotation System possible.
• Factory built custom heat exchangers provide industry leading product life.
• Custom engineering and manufacturing means we can build a system as tall as your facility needs (our current record is 100 feet tall).

• A single unit will condition 150,000 square feet!
• Proprietary air foil axial fans reduce motor horsepower by 50-60% and reduce sound levels to 63-72 DBA.
• In-house controls commissioning means your system arrives on-site ready to go!
• Factory designed and installed piping saves $ on installation costs.
• Our systems are extremely quiet in your facility.