Case Study: Wine Manufacturing Facility

Wine Evaporation Reduced by 75%, resulting in $375,000 in savings

Location Modesto, CA
Building Square Feet 55,000
System Style Indoor, Cooling Only
System Qty 1 Johnson Air-Rotation System
Facility Activity Brandy Wine Storage

Design Challenges

Existing rooftop air conditioning systems could not satisfy the cool, 55-degree temperature and the high, 80% RH level necessary to control evaporation. With traditional rooftop units, the more air that is cooled, the more moisture/humidity that is removed from the air. E. & J. Gallo Winery was having wine evaporation of over 20% (12+ gallons per barrel) during the aging process. Evaporation was causing over $500,000 of product loss in the unitary storage facility. Also, since the room was filled with alcohol the HVAC equipment would need to be explosion proof.

Johnson Air-Rotation System Solution

Johnson Air-Rotation Systems installed one cooling system that delivered the necessary temperature requirements while also minimally removing the amount of moisture in the facility. The Johnson Air-Rotation System maintained the +/- 2 degree temperature required differential throughout the entire facility. In addition, the Johnson Air-Rotation System was designed to be corrosive-resistant due to acidic and alcohol atmosphere and explosion proof.

Project Results

Wine evaporation in the unitary storage facility was reduced by 75%, saving Gallo $375,000 in lost product revenue. The Johnson Air-Rotation Systems are operating with ½ the fan motor horsepower of the previous rooftop air conditioning units, resulting in a significant annual operating savings. As a result of the installation of the Johnson Air-Rotation Systems the brandy wine barrels stored at the top of the facility are experiencing the same temperature and humidity conditions as those stored at the floor level, thus ensuring consistency, an extremely important aspect of the overall process.