Case Study: Professional Football Team Practice Facility

Air-Rotation System Provides ‘Giant’ Savings For NFL Team

Location East Rutherford, NJ
Building Square Feet 84,000
System Style Outdoor, ground-mounted HVAC System
System Qty 1 Johnson Air-Rotation System
Facility Activity NFL Practice Facility

Design Challenges

With a building peak of 100’ the consulting engineer was very concerned with major stratification issues in the space. In addition, the New York Giants did not want a noisy HVAC System and specified <55 dBA. Also, the team did not want to use duct work that would interfere with kicking and punting drills or any equipment that would take up floor-space or pose a danger on the sideline. With over 6,000,000 cubic feet of space to be heated, cooled and ventilated, adequate temperature distribution was a major concern.

Johnson Air-Rotation System Solution

Johnson Air-Rotation Systems installed one outdoor, ground-mounted system that ensured no floor space would be used as well as eliminated the need for duct work, solving two major issues. As a result of installing a Johnson Air-Rotation System the New York Giants also avoided adding costly structural support that would’ve been necessary had they selected rooftop units. In addition, the Johnson Air-Rotation System used high-static, low-noise construction, premium prop fans plus return and supply air sound attenuation in order to meet the engineer’s sound specifications. Johnson’s engineering team also designed the system to comply with the latest IBC code on wind, snow and seismic requirements.

Project Results

The Johnson Air-Rotation System succeeded in maintaining the <55 dBA sound requirement. The New York Giants also saved $600,000 in construction savings as a result of the lighter roof construction and the elimination of duct work. The Johnson Air-Rotation System is saving the New York Giants over 50% of budgeted fuel costs and over 40% of budgeted electrical costs.