Case Study: High School Gymnasium

“The Best Money We’ve Spent” —Scott Wilkerson, Claude High School Principal

School District Stays On Budget By Installing Johnson Air-Rotation® System.

Customer Claude High School
Location Claude, Texas
Building Square Feet 10,000
System Style Cooling only, with provisions made for heat in the future.
System Size & Qty 1 outdoor mounted, cooling-only 40 ton Johnson Air-Rotation System with the ability to cool the 10,000 square foot gymnasium, replacing the original proposal of 4 x 10 ton split units.
Savings $50,000

Design Challenges

Claude High School was over budget by $50,000 with the original proposal of hanging four 10 ton split units, one in each corner of the gym. Despite warm gym temperatures, the school district believed the project would be abandoned due to cost and the proven
inefficiency of the system previously installed. Compounding the problem was the damage done to the basketball court due to condensate leakage from the previous system.

Johnson Solution

The school district learned about the Johnson Air- Rotation System through its local manufacturer’s representative, Paschal- Harper. The estimate for installing one Johnson Air-Rotation System amazed the school district. The Johnson Air-Rotation System reduced the cost of the school’s project by $50,000, allowing them to not only air-condition the gym, but also put the savings towards laying artificial turf on their football field.

Customer Feedback

School Principal, Scott Wilkerson, said “The Johnson Air-Rotation System was the best money we’ve spent. We’ve been able to maintain our gym temperature at 72 degrees with over 600 people inside during graduation in the summer. No previous system allowed us to do this, I would highly recommend the Johnson Air-Rotation System.”


Original Design

  • 4 x 10 ton split units
  • Inside mounting equipment
  • 4 electrical utility connections
  • 4 condensate drains
  • 4 condensate pumps

Johnson Solution

  • 1 Johnson Air-Rotation System
  • Outdoor placement, conserving valuable gymnasium space
  • 1 electrical utility connection
  • Elimination of ALL duct work
  • Saved on installation costs and kept overall project on track.

As you can see the Johnson Air-Rotation System does not take up any of the valuable gym space. The discharge section blends into the surrounding and the Johnson system does not require duct work, saving on installation costs. In addition, the gym bleachers did not need to be modified or removed during installation and will not affect the operation of the Johnson Air-Rotation System.

Johnson Air-Rotation® System Exceeds Expectations While Keeping Project on Budget

The Johnson Air-Rotation System saved Claude High School from paying additional equipment costs which would’ve added up to $50,000. In addition to saving money, the Johnson Air-Rotation System also allowed Claude to continue holding basketball camps and games, which would’ve been suspended during the installation of the split units. The principal also remarked how quiet the Johnson System was, an acoustical analysis was recently completed and the Johnson Air-Rotation Systems registered 65 db in the space. A 65 db sound pressure at 3 feet is equal to human speech at conversation levels. The outdoor mounted Johnson Air-Rotation System also worked perfectly despite the fact the gym had bleachers on both sides of the basketball court. Another major benefit of the Johnson System was the ability to bring in cold, fresh air during the winter to cool the hot gym down during games and large events. After installation a surprised Scott Wilkerson, Claude High School Principal, said, “You look at the little opening and you think, that’s not going to be able to cool this gym down, but boy does it work.”

Johnson Air-Rotation Capabilities

  • The Only UL Listed Air-Rotation System
  • Reduces Cost on Equipment, Labor, Operation
  • Cooling Throw – 275’
  • Heating Throw – 325’
  • 150,000 Square Feet with a Single Unit
  • Up to 6,250 MBH Per Heating Unit
  • Up to 450 Tons Per Cooling Unit
  • Up to 170,000 CFM Per Unit