Case Study: Grocery Distribution Facility

Distribution Company Heats Twice the Space While Cutting Original Fuel Costs

Customer Distribution Company Specializing in Grocery Products
Location Wisconsin
Building Square Feet 130,000
Building Cubic Feet 2,921,600
Dock Doors 13

Design Challenges

Company growth resulted in the need for nearly doubling the facility to approximately 245,000 square feet with an average ceiling height of 32 feet. The existing 130,000 square foot facility was heated with gas unit heaters.

Johnson Air-Rotation System Solution

Johnson worked with the distribution company and a local engineering firm to have the old gas unit heaters removed and replaced with three Johnson Air-Rotation Systems to heat the newlyexpanded 245,000 square foot space.

Project Results

The Wisconsin Public Service Gas Company provided a fuel usage analysis, which calculates gas use for the year prior to the addition of the Air-Rotation Systems and for the year after. To make before and after comparisons accurate, all figures have been adjusted for degree-days to reflect the difference in the daily temperatures between the winters before and after adding Johnson Air-Rotation Systems.

Total Therms Used:

Before @ 130,000 sq. ft. 131,277
After @ 245,000 sq. ft. 84,054
Change -36%

BTU’s per Cubic Ft. per Degree-Day:

Before 56
After 17
Change -70%

The distribution company nearly doubled the building size while cutting fuel costs by over 30%! Johnson Air-Rotation Systems are heating nearly twice the space with less gas than the distribution company used before the addition. With a conservative cost per therm of $1.06, this equals more than $50,000 in savings in one heating season alone! This savings results in a return on investment in as little as 2-3 years.