Case Study: Biomedical Manufacturing Facility

Employee Retention Drives Purchase of Air-Rotation System

Customer Biomedical Manufacturing Facility
Location Florida
Building Square Feet 190,000
System Style Indoor, Heating & Cooling
System Size & Qty 4 Johnson Air-Rotation Systems
Project Specifications Cooling the large open space evenly, flexibility for future changes, including a possible relocation of equipment, oil laden air.

Design Challenges

With continuous innovation and thousands of products under this worldwide biomedical company, the ability to have flexibility with production, equipment, people and storage without modification of the HVAC system, was of the utmost importance. The customer required even temperatures throughout the facility and also wanted flexibility with an HVAC system in the event of future changes. Additionally, the customer is annually rated as one of the best places to work in Florida and wanted to ensure that their employees were comfortable and breathing quality air. During their manufacturing process many of the machines utilize cutting oils that can become airborne as an oil mist. Removal of oil mist from the space was extremely important.

Johnson Air-Rotation® System Solution

The Johnson Air-Rotation
System was a perfect fit for the biomedical manufacturer because of the lack of space taken up by units, no need for ductwork, and the ease of system relocation if the company’s plans change. In addition, oil mist filters were installed to remove oil mist that does come from the equipment.

Project Results

The Johnson Air-Rotation System creates a consistent airflow pattern throughout the space with the supply of filtered air high in the space while any oil mist is taken low through the space in the same zone as the equipment making it easier to clean if necessary. The Johnson Air-Rotation System is providing this Florida biomedical manufacturing company with even temperatures and fresh, clean air.


Project Challenges

  • Even temperatures throughout facility
  • Flexibility to move equipment if necessary
  • Removal of oil mist from air
  • Ensure valuable floor space is not taken up

Johnson Air-Rotation System Results

  • Guaranteed temperatures throughout the facility +/–2 degrees
  • Easy to move to another space/location
  • Oil mist filters and movement of air throughout the entire space
  • Johnson Air-Rotation Systems are wall-mounted and out of the manufacturing space