80/20 Pressurizing/Recirculating Direct-Fired Heating & Cooling System

80-20-pressurizing-hvacArizon’s 80/20 Pressurizing/Re-Circulating Indirect or Direct-Fired Heating and Cooling System provides customers with the benefits of building pressurization control and air re-circulating capabilities all in one unit. Available in a fixed or modulating control operation, Arizon’s system can re-circulate between 0 and 80% of the inside conditioned air in a building while pressure-controlling the space and providing between 20% and 100% fresh, outside air. By combining building pressurization and air re-circulation in one system, we prevent both unconditioned outside air from migrating into the space while continuously re-circulating the inside conditioned air to provide higher efficiency versus competitors 100% make-up air alternatives.

  • High efficiency 80/20 pressurization/re-circulation system
  • Heating capacities up to 16,800,000 BTU’s
  • Air volumes up to 130,000 CFM
  • Cooling capacities up to 450 tons
Unit Information and Options

• 30:1 burner turndown on direct-fired equipment
• Up to 18:1 burner turndown on indirect-fired equipment
• Horizontal roof or thru wall-mount, outdoor vertical-mount,
indoor suspended, horizontal mezzanine
• Hot water, steam, oil, gas, LP or electric heating sources.
• Remote burner flame safeguard controls with flame
reset switches
• 304 or 409 stainless steel heat exchangers
• Variety of discharge configurations
• U.V. flame detection, automatic gas modulation,
low fire start, low airflow switch
• Cast aluminum burners with stainless steel mixing plates
• DX, chilled water, ammonia, and evaporative cooling available
• Fan bearings rated to a minimum of 100,000 hours (L-10 Life)
• NEMA 5 remote control panel, NEMA 3R Main Electrical Panel
• 1 year parts warranty and fully factory tested

Construction Preferences

• Single or double wall construction
• G90 galvanized or painted finish
• Spring or neoprene isolators

Control Options

• Discharge temperature
• Space temperature
• Building pressure
• DDC/BAS (LONworks, BACnet, ModBus and
web-based systems capable)
• Non-fused motor disconnect switch, control circuit fusing