100% Direct-Fired Space Heater

100-outside-space-heaterIndirect or Direct-Fired Space Heater is a high quality solution for developers and contractors looking for cost effective way to heat a facility. Designed to capture cold air at its source and prevent it from migrating into the building, this unit is primarily installed above dock doors or at the source of building infiltration.

  •  High temperature, low volume direct-fired space heater
  •  Heating capacities up to 2,800,000 BTU’s
  •  Air volume capacities up to 17,000 CFM
Unit Information and Options

• 30:1 burner turndown on direct-fired equipment
• Up to 18:1 burner turndown on indirect-fired equipment
• Horizontal roof or thru wall-mount, outdoor vertical-mount,
indoor suspended, horizontal mezzanine
• Hot water, steam, oil, gas, LP or electric heating sources.
• Remote burner flame safeguard controls with flame
reset switches
• 304 or 409 stainless steel heat exchangers
• Variety of discharge configurations
• U.V. flame detection, automatic gas modulation,
low fire start, low airflow switch
• Cast aluminum burners with stainless steel mixing plates
• DX, chilled water, ammonia, and evaporative cooling available
• Fan bearings rated to a minimum of 100,000 hours (L-10 Life)
• NEMA 5 remote control panel, NEMA 3R Main Electrical Panel
• 1 year parts warranty and fully factory tested

Construction Preferences

• Single or double wall construction
• G90 galvanized or painted finish
• Spring or neoprene isolators

Control Options

• Discharge temperature
• Space temperature
• Building pressure
• DDC/BAS (LONworks, BACnet, ModBus and
web-based systems capable)
• Non-fused motor disconnect switch, control circuit fusing