Air Rotation vs. Rooftop Units Savings Calculator

Description (*) 100,000 sq ft warehouse, 105,000 cfm unit, 230 tons, basic cooling only
Johnson Air-Rotation System Cost $61,000
Cost for a Condenser, specialties, controls, etc $100,000
Mechanical Contractor’s Install of Air-Rotation $ (**) $79,900
6.5% avg Sales Tax $ $15,750
Total Air-Rotation COOLING ONLY Install $ (***) $256,650
$/sq ft Installed ARU COOLING ONLY system $2.57
Comparable Rooftop COOLING ONLY – option (according to a Houston Mechanical) – $ (****) $392,600
$/sq ft Installed Comparable Rooftop COOLING ONLY option $3.93
ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS – aditional cost for adding heating Air-Rotation Mechanical Install (*****) $23,000
6.5% avg Sales Tax $ on Addition of Heating $3,023
Total Install Costs for Air-Rotation WITH HEATING AND COOLING (******) $306,173
$/sq ft for an Installed Air-Rotation HEATING AND COOLING System $3.06

Note: the above tonnage is higher-than-average for a typical warehouse application with inside design temps @ 80 degrees

(*) – Double Fan Units, est $2k in freight included, 30′ tall ARUs, H&V Louvers, Condensate Pump, Avg Houston, TX cooling conditions, inside design @ 80 degrees for cooling (65 degrees for heating, stl conditions)

(**) – Mechanical’s share includes installation of ARU & condensing units + dual line refrigerant piping up to 100′, condensate, concrete pads & ballards, wall hole cutting and repairing, engineering drawings & permitting, commissioning; no electrical, no hot gas by-pass.

(***) – Does not include electrical sub-contracting work

(****) – Does not include electrical sub-contracting work, plumbing of condensate, independent test & balancing (often required with rooftops), roofing, roof cutting or patching, framing of roof openings, painting.

(*****) – Includes 100′ of gas piping, hole & install for flue, startup, etc. Summary: 2.) Additional significant costs with regard to electrical installation sub-contracting also works against rooftop units and in favor of Johnson Air-Rotation Systems equipment. As well, a roof’s structure is yet another potentially significant cost added against rooftops. 3.) Of course, the typical benefits and features of Johnson Air-Rotation Systems typically will apply: low energy costs, longer life of cooling system, ease of maintenance, better temperature control of the space, etc., etc.