Lowest Installation Costs

Lowest Installation CostsJohnson Air-Rotation Systems have the lowest costs associated with installation in the industry. The total cost of installation for a Johnson Air-Rotation System is a fraction of the cost to other HVAC systems. In addition to money, the Johnson Air-Rotation System also saves time as a full Air-Rotation System can be erected and operating in a matter of hours.  Compare installation savings for yourself below.

1. No Additional Rooftop Support – Johnson Air-Rotation Systems DO NOT need additional roof support required with conventional rooftop units.

2. No Ductwork – Johnson Air-Rotation Systems DO NOT require ductwork.

3. Fewer Utility Hook-ups – Because one Johnson Air-Rotation System replaces multiple rooftop units, less utility hook-ups are needed, thus saving you time and money.

4. No Rooftop Penetrations – Multiple rooftop penetrations ARE NOT required with a Johnson Air-Rotation System, meaning you don’t have to worry about leaking roofs or potential damage to your products and equipment.

5. Installation Time Savings – Johnson Air-Rotation Systems are erected in a matter of hours, not days.  A typical Air-Rotation project can be installed and operating by two laborers and a day and a half of time.

6. Outdoor or Indoor Mounted – Because an Air-Rotation System can be installed indoor or outdoor to fit a facilities temperature requirements, costly building renovations to support rooftop units are not needed.