Advantages of Air Rotation

advantagesAdvantages of Air-Rotation

If you’re an engineer, mechanical contractor, developer, representative or company with a warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing facility, recreation/sports complex, gymnasium, product sensitive storage, wholesale/retail club, airplane hanger, or any other large, open space building, Johnson Air-Rotation Systems are the most energy efficient way to condition and move large volumes of air, PERIOD!


Johnson Air-Rotation systems have significant cost savings over rooftop units in installation, utility payments and long-term return on investment. Johnson Air-Rotation Systems eliminate the need for ductwork, additional rooftop support and multiple utility connections, all necessary, yet costly components of rooftop units. In addition, Johnson Air-Rotation Systems run on lower horsepower vs. traditional rooftop units and because only one Johnson Air-Rotation System is needed vs. multiple rooftop units the cost savings can be significant on total fan motor horsepower as well.

Built To Last

Johnson Air-Rotation Systems are built with the highest quality materials. We don’t cut corners in our production method or in the components we use to build our systems. Our attention to detail and stringent testing process ensures our customers receive the highest quality product possible. You can purchase a Johnson Air-Rotation System with confidence knowing there are thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

What’s the Secret?

Johnson Air-Rotation Systems continually circulate large volumes of air at low velocities with a minimum temperature rise, resulting in the most energy efficient HVAC system on the market. From 10,000 square feet to over 1 million square feet, the Air-Rotation concept works and we have satisfied customers worldwide using less electricity and gas to prove it!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All…

Don’t be sold on “off the shelf” units. Hot and cold spots, operating costs, air stratification and a short product life are just a few of the problems you may encounter. Johnson Air-Rotation has an in-house engineering team that evaluates and custom designs each system specifically for your facility to ensure the most energy efficient system possible. In addition to our proprietary fan design, which uses the lowest horsepowers in the industry, Johnson Air-Rotation Systems can mix outside air with conditioned air.  This combination provides utility savings that will often result in a return on investment in as little as three years.